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waiola shave ice {oahu eats}

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shave ice. from the place that hasn’t changed since the 40s.

or maybe it has, who knows.  you can’t tell.

and that’s a VERY good thing.

No, it’s not that crunchy ground ice stuff they call ‘snow cones’. Nor is it a ‘slushie’ or ‘slurpie’.  Shave ice, not shaved ice, is a mound of finely shaven ice that, when done correctly, is creamy and fluffy to the tongue.  Waiola’s gets it right.

In an unassuming residential neighborhood of Honolulu, Waiola’s is actually a corner market, selling convenience store goods.  It doesn’t have the greatest of curb appeal, but where it’s lacking in design, it makes up twofold in pure food bliss.  And, on a hot day, nothing is as good as eating this delightfully cooling treat.

Shave Ice with Condensed Milk…don’t remember the flavor

Basically, you go up to the window and choose your flavor(s), toppings and any add-ons.  Then, you wait.  Oh, the waiting.  That’s the worse part.  Especially when you hear the ice machine whirling and teasing you with sounds of ice being cut into perfectly fine shreds of, um, ice.

Shave Ice with Ice Cream (on the bottom)

Once your name is called, you can sit down on the benches lining the side of the store.  It does get fairly crowded, but the line goes quickly, as does the shave ice.  My method to eating is bite first and when it starts to melt, use the straw.  Finally, the spoon comes in to shovel up the ice cream and remaining slush.  I still remember as a little kid trying to eat the shave ice as fast as possible so it wouldn’t melt.  Inevitably, however, my arms would become a sticky mess with fruity syrup dripping down my arms.  Yup, happiness was measured in stickiness.

I usually go with the POG (passion-orange-guava), but really, I haven’t had anything I haven’t liked here.  Their syrup is not too sweet, unlike some other places, which is key.  I also always get ice cream with my cone.  It sounds odd, given you’re eating flavored ice, but the combination is undeniably tasty.  Another good add-on is azuki beans, which are the sweetened red beans used to fill mochi.

I know you usually hear about the North Shore shops when it comes to shave ice, but I’ve left my heart at Waiola’s.  A little dingy.  A little beat up.  A lot of character.

Waiola’s Shave Ice
2135 Waiola Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96805
Open: 8:00-6:00 daily

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May 17, 2010 at 8:50 pm

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