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happy new year!

I wasn’t supposed to be home.  I was supposed to be sore, tired and, hopefully, not broken from snowboarding.  But, as fate would have it, I didn’t end up going.  Two days before departure, I realized I had to work.  Thus, the wintry wonderland of Mammoth was no more and I was able to spend new years day with my family.

For Japanese people, new years day is a day of celebration.  So, instead of sleeping off the previous night’s libations, I was up early cooking.  To be honest, I wasn’t quite prepared for any of it.  I didn’t plan on being here, so I didn’t think I would have to make anything.  Wishful thinking on my part.  I put together a quick menu and delegated responsibilities.

I wanted to do a more traditional meal, but seeing as how I only had two days to do so (and I did not want to battle the crowd of crazy people at Marukai or any other Asian market) I decided against anything different.  Well, I suppose there’s always next year.

On to the food.  Some traditional, most, definitely not.

Wontons and jello are a mainstay at all new years gatherings at my house.

Sushi and more sushi.  My mother used to make sushi on new years eve, though now, we tend to buy it all.  One of the days, I will make everything.  But for now, this will do.

Spam musubi and pickles (cabbage kimchi, tsukemono, and cucumber kimchi).  Most of these dishes have a slight Hawaiian influence due to my mother’s childhood in Hawaii.

Beef wrapped asparagus and marinated saba.

Poke and potato-mac salad.

Gobo (burddock root) and teriyaki beef skewers.

Kuromame (black beans w/chestnuts) and chukazenzai.

Teriyaki chicken from the grill and yakisoba.  I make sure to always have some type of noodle dish on the menu at all times.  I wanted to have more but I was vetoed by my sister and mother.

Sashimi (tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and octopus) and fruit (apples and apple pears).

Sakura-ya Mochi.  I forgot to take a picture of the mochi my aunt made.  It was quite tasty.  Oh well.

Last but not least, this is Arnold the lobster.  Ain’t he pretty?

Even though I expected to be out of town, this turned out to be just what I needed.

I think it’s going to be a great year.


Written by liveeatlove

January 6, 2010 at 7:01 pm

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